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Acetabular Fractures

acetabular fractures
What is it?

Fracture of the acetabulum not only disrupts the bone of the hip socket and pelvis but also the articular cartilage that lines the hip socket.   The mechanism of injury is typically an automotive collision or a fall from a height which forces the femoral head through the acetabulum.  There may be associated injuries to the surrounding structures of the pelvis such as nerves, blood vessels, bowel and bladder. The goal of treatment of acetabular fracture surgery is to restore the structure of the hip socket as perfectly as possible.  This requires surgical treatment unless the fracture is nondisplaced.  If the fracture heals in a displaced position the irregular surface of the hip joint will cause the cartilage to wear and result in arthritis.

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Is surgery right for you?

Is surgery right for you?

Dr. Bellino believes in providing focused care of each individual patient with a wide range of treatment options to reach the highest potential for recovery. 

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