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Pelvis Fractures

What is it?

The pelvis is a ring-shaped structure that consists of the sacrum, and the right and left pelvic bones.  The lower portion of the spine is the sacrum which is in the back of the pelvis.  The two pelvic bones connect to the sacrum via the sacroiliac joints.  The two pelvic bones meet in the front of the pelvis and are connected by the symphysis pubis which is a hinge-like joint. 
Fractures of the pelvis are caused by high-energy trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident or a fall from a height.  Pelvis fracture can also occur in elderly patients by low energy mechanisms like a fall from a standing height.  The severity of the fracture depends on the amount of force imparted to the pelvis.
Symptoms of traumatic pelvic fractures include moderate to severe pain in pelvis, low back, and hips.  There may be swelling, bruising, open wounds or a deformity.  Internal or external bleeding may occur and can lead to shock.  Additionally, there may be loss of bowel or bladder control, changes of sensation or weakness in the lower extremities.
Complications of traumatic pelvis fractures are common and can include bleeding, infection, nerve damage, blood clots and even death.
The prognosis for people who sustain pelvic fractures varies depending on the severity of the fracture, the general medical condition of the patient and the treatment.  The majority of patients with pelvis fractures make a good to excellent recovery.

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Is surgery right for you?

Is surgery right for you?

Dr. Bellino believes in providing focused care of each individual patient with a wide range of treatment options to reach the highest potential for recovery. 

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