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Hip Arthroplasty

Hip Arthroplasty
What is it?

Hip Arthroscopy is a specialized minimally invasive orthopedic surgical procedure which involves placing very small cameras and instruments through very small incisions and portals in and around the hip joint. This technique allows the surgeon to visualize the hip joint without making a large incision. It also allows for precise surgery with minimal surgical trauma and a rapid recovery.


To perform Hip Arthroscopy safely, the surgeon must have experience with arthroscopic surgery and a vast knowledge of hip anatomy and pathological conditions. The surgery requires the use of a specialized orthopedic table which allows  for safe separation of the femoral head from the acetabulum. This creates the space needed to insert the arthroscopic camera in instruments. During this surgery a real time X-ray machine is utilized to verify accurate placement of the camera and instruments, as well as to visualize the bony architecture.


Hip Arthroscopy is an outpatient surgery. The duration of the procedure can last up to three hours. Patients usually leave the hospital on crutches with a weight bearing restriction. The patient is then seen in the outpatient clinic to evaluate the surgical wounds and initiate physical therapy.


Hip Arthroscopy is a safe and effective procedure when performed by an experienced surgeon.

Other Treatment Options

Is surgery right for you?

Is surgery right for you?

Dr. Bellino believes in providing focused care of each individual patient with a wide range of treatment options to reach the highest potential for recovery. 

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